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How to register your trademark with us:


Filing your trademark with us is very simple!

You can send us an email ( or fill out our online estimate module indicating the following:

  • Countries of Interest;
  • Products and services within your activity;
  • Logo (whether or not you are presenting figurative elements);
  • We will send you a detailed estimate.

After that, you can decide whether to search for earlier or direct filing.

Visit our page of costs in order to see our fees. If you decide to proceed with the filing, we will send to you the necessary documents for the trademark application and other information regarding the method of payment.

For the filing throughout Italy advance payment is required.

For the filing throughout the EU payment is required after TEN days from the filing.

We will carry out the deposit of your application within 72 hours after the necessary documentation for the registration has been received (these documents will need to be sent by fax or email).

As soon as the filing is carried out, it is our interest to send you via mail, a copy of the filing documentation and the deposit number.

A Certified copy of the filing will be sent by courier upon request.

You can contact us by telephone at any time. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

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